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Ellie & Hannah x

By fizzypigg, Jan 7 2018 09:55PM

We’ve all been reminded of the horrors of plastic waste and the impact it has on our planet and its wildlife recently. If you watched Blue Planet 2 then you’ll know what we’re talking about, if you haven’t we highly recommend you watch it. To help combat the vast amount of waste products (plastic and other) that ends up in our oceans we’re launching our new product line of re-useable fabric facecloths. They’re made with organic bamboo towelling and our usual bright and colourful range of fabrics used for our embroidery hoops! We’ll be making them to order to minimise any further waste and 20% of the profits will be donated to WWF to help them with their campaign to protect UK Seas, you can read more about it here: https://www.wwf.org.uk/where-we-work/places/uk-seas

We also want to share with you our skincare routines and how we use our facecloths in different ways!

"Every day I use the Lush 9-5 cleanser or the Green People fragrance free cleanser with one of my cloths, I don't like to follow the rules so I rub the cleanser into my skin then wipe it off with one of the lovely soft facecloths to gently cleanse and exfoliate my extremely sensitive oily and dry (yay) skin. Thanks to the cloths I've managed to ditch the cotton pads and balls and my extremely fussy skin loves them. I have a skin condition that means I react to anything and everything so I have to be really careful with products and pressure, but I also suffer from dry skin that needs a bit of attention especially in winter. The cloths sort out my dry patches without irritating my skin or making it produce more oil as they are super soft.

If I'm having a 'bad skin' day I just use a cloth with some warm water to gently cleanse my skin, thanks to the natural, soft material they cleanse without adding further irritation and kind of make me feel like I'm winning at life for once!"

- Hannah

"I have combination skin, extremely dry yet oily at times. I struggle to keep my t-zone (particularly my nose!) free from dry scaly skin. I also get spots and blackheads, especially when I’m hormonal. I often get complimented on how soft my skin looks and feels, but I can assure you it’s not natural! I’ve noticed a huge improvement since I’ve thought carefully about the products I use and then effects on our planet. I’m currently on the hunt for a liquid make up remover that is both cruelty free and has recyclable packaging – suggestions welcome!

Currently I use a Vitamin E Body Shop toner on one of our facecloths to remove the majority of my make-up. I follow this with my favourite exfoliating cleanser from Lush, Let the Good Times Roll, it smells like biscuits and is really scrubby yet still feels gentle. It comes as a paste so you can water it down as much as you want, I prefer to keep it quite thick, and I then use the second facecloth with nice hot water to take it off my face. This adds to the exfoliation which my skin loves!

If I want a little more pampering for my skin I use a facemask, I’m currently using Lush’s jelly mask, Bunny Moon. I’m really enjoying the jelly mask as an alternative to the fresh face masks as I can keep it in the bathroom and I can be a bit more spontaneous with my routine. The texture is a bit strange but if you get some in your palms and give it a good rub to warm it up it’s really silky and also means the mask itself is warm when you apply it – winner! I then use my third facecloth, again with nice hot water, to remove the mask. To finish my routine I use Lush’s Full of Grace serum bar all over my face, I just use this as my day time moisturiser now and then at night time I top it up with some of the gorgeous Lovely Cosmetics Happy Clappy moisturiser. Not strictly a facial moisturiser (it is a hand cream) but it is absolutely amazing. Finally, an amazing moisturiser for my face that doesn’t leave me feeling heavy or greasy but still makes my skin super soft. No more lizard face.

If I need a quick fix, (sometimes the whole routine is just too much) I can use my facecloths with a face wash (currently using Soap and Glory’s Soap and Clarity wash) and the bamboo towelling gives me an amazing exfoliation without any effort.

I’ve made the facecloths in packs of four; I decided to do this as I like to use one for each step of my routine. I wash them throughout use and then hand wash them after each step, they clean up really easily and then dry out naturally with a little help from the radiator. After several uses I can throw them in the washing machine with a normal load to get them extra clean!

I wanted to make myself these facecloths to stop myself from using disposable make-up wipes, that aren’t great for my skin and worse for the environment. I also don’t like using cotton pads as they just get thrown away. I love to use Lush products, sometimes a little pricey but I love that you can take your empties back to be recycled and also get a free face mask! Microbeads are a huge no-no in our household, my partner and I hate them. I tend to avoid buying anything that even looks like microbeads, the Soap and Clarity wash I currently have was a gift and I was really sad as I thought the pink balls were plastic, however after some research found that they are jojoba oil wax beads that are biodegradable."

- Ellie

We really hope you love our facecloths as much as we do, they really have changed the way I care for my skin and have reduced how much waste I produce, which is why we couldn’t keep them for ourselves and have decided to launch them as a product line.

We have an introductory offer of 10% off (this won’t affect the 20% charitable donation) running until 14th January 2018, links below:

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