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Ellie & Hannah x

By fizzypigg, May 10 2017 08:34PM

So we thought we would kick off our shiny, new blog during #mentalhealthawareness week. This is a subject that’s very relevant to both of us, so what better starting point right?

With at least one in four of us being affected by mental health at some point it is a subject close to us all, whether we realise it or not.

We wanted to think about the little things that make life a little brighter. Let’s face it life is difficult, really bloody difficult at the best of times.

We spent some time thinking about the things we do day to day that make us happy, even if it’s only for a short time, it still counts. I think we are all guilty of often forgetting that life isn’t all about the ‘big picture’, its ok to just take it day to day and enjoy it for what it is.

We spent some time reflecting on the little things that make us giddy or keep us motivated on the busiest of days and here’s what we came up with:

• Try some self-care, run a bath or have a hot shower throw in a bath bomb or two – something not very time consuming but relaxing none the less

• Enjoy your favourite beverage - for us no week is complete without the sound of a prosecco cork flying across the room, we love to add shimmer and bubbles, sometimes even homemade candy floss too! Anything will do, replicate your favourite freak shake or whip up a delicious mocktail

• Put on some comfy shoes and go for a wander – get some fresh air and clear your head for a little while

• Watch something funny – sometimes you can’t beat Will & Grace re-runs right?

• Make your fave pudding – Anyone for chocolate lava cake or maybe we’ll just cheat and buy a kronut or ten…

• Start a new project or take a craft workshop – Pinterest is your friend and there are some great workshops to be found locally too

• Throw away some clutter –getting rid of one or two things that are just taking up space is surprisingly calming, especially so if it’s something decent and you can donate it to a worthy cause

• Find an animal! – If cute little furry critters are your thing, pet one! If you don’t have one visit a friend who does or take a trip somewhere free like Graves Park

• Plan something fun – life may suck right at this second but something to look forward to can make it a little more bearable

• Try and write it out – make a worry tree or try out journaling, you can get yourself a fancy journal or you can use a piece of plain paper both work just as well!

• Switch off from social media – yes it’s an amazing community but it’s also a double edged sword, sometimes it’s good to have a break for an hour or even a week (I did this during a really bad breakdown and it worked wonders for my immediate mental health)

• Make your bed or do the pots – basic for most people but not always for us, a simple thing that can really clear your head

• Have a quiet cup of tea and a biscuit – never underestimate the power of the tea!

• Get in touch with a friend – sometimes it’s difficult especially on a bad day but sometimes just a quick message to say hi is enough to brighten someone’s day

It’s ok to not have it all together 24/7, it’s ok to be selfish and to do something just for you. We sometimes forget that we are important too. It’s ok if you don’t have a plan or if things aren’t co-operating with your plan. Sometimes it’s necessary to take that time for yourself to rest and recharge and just enjoy the moment.

Hannah x